1. good message with lots of good questions for ua all to ponder. In the matter of adults who don’t want to grow up, I would offer a few reasons that come to mind: they are afraid of all that goes with being an “adult”, they’ve not been taught “how to grow up” by hearing messages that are instructive in that particular area – hearing too much “milk” and not the “meat”, their home life does not center around the things of the Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore, they have no deep desire to grow up or mature to a higher spiritual plane. Lots of “adult kids” need mentoring by spiritually mature Christians. They need to be involved in a home bible study, or a one-on-one time with someone who’s willing to teach them, etc. Thanks for allowing me to share.

  2. Aaron: Your message was needful, and so appropriate to the times we are living in right now. Most people don’t want to grow up, and haven’t!!! Yet God commendeth His love to us….., how blessed, how encouraged that should make us feel. He loves me……and you…..and millions upon millions, and brought us out of the darkness and into the light. May that light shine into hearts that heard this message from the Lord. I am praying for you and your family, and that you might continue to follow close after Christ. Every day brings us one day closer to His appearing….HALLELUJAH111 Nj

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